XUV Line

What is it?

UV equipment designed and manufactured in Chile by Biolight SA to disinfect large volumes of clean water with an SST level <5 mg / l and translucent. Delivering high UV doses with its 325w lamps. It is a robust equipment built in SS316L stainless steel, suitable for use in fresh and brackish water, such as food industries, fish farms, vineyards or in any process where high UV doses are required. Its design is made using UVCALC® software from Bolton Photoscience Inc. Canada.
Likewise, its hydraulic design has been perfected by the use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) from Dassault Systemes (France), which allows us to optimize UV ​​disinfection and reduce head losses (Pressure).

Main Features

The water flows through the interior of the housing under pressure, receiving the germicidal UVC dose delivered by the 325w UVC lamps. and 1.6 meters long.

The multiple designs and sizes allow different water flow rates to be treated in a single device. Therefore, the design is essential for the functionality of the equipment, since depending on the number of lamps it is the flow rate that it can treat and the UV dose that it will deliver.


This line of equipment is equipped with 325 watt UV lamps. The models are named according to the number of lamps they carry inside, starting from the XUV-1 (1 UV lamp) to the XUV-52 (52 UV lamps).


Inlet water disinfection

  • Cellulose industry.
  • Fish farming (fresh and sea water).
  • Egg Incubation
  • Horticultural Products.

Disinfection of Riles and Effluents

  • Cellulose riles.
  • Fingerling production riles.
  • Effluents from agricultural production.
  • Final disinfection Sewage Treatment Plants.

Water reuse

  • Recirculation of water in the aquaculture industry (Fresh and Sea Water).
  • Reuse of water from food production process.
  • Reuse of water in the horticultural industry.