UV PVC line

What is it?

This equipment has been specially designed to disinfect clean waters, TSS <5mg / l, with a level of total and fecal coliforms lower than 1,000 MPN / 100 ml, translucent, odorless, from reliable sources for human consumption, applying a minimum UV dose. 30 mJ / cm2, enough to eliminate all types of pathogenic bacteria and most of the microorganisms present in it.


Equipment made of white hydraulic PVC, Spears® USA, equipped with germicidal UV lamps of 40 and 70 watts.
Includes electrical panel, which has an ignition switch, general ON / OFF led, electronic ballast, ignition light for each lamp and fuse.

The water flows through it applying a dose of germicidal UVC of 30 mJ / cm2 delivered by the UV lamps.
The multiple designs and sizes allow various flow rates to be treated in a single unit. Thus, depending on the number of shells, the treatment capacity and UV dose to be applied can be increased.



The size of these devices is clearly due to the number of lamps and the flow rate that it allows to treat through. So the model varies its number according to the number of lamps it carries inside, they start from UV-40


Water disinfection

  • Well water, plots and beach houses.
  • Fish and animal pond.
  • Horticultural Products.
  • Producers of bottled water.
  • Fish farming (fresh and sea water).
  • Egg Incubation.

Water reuse

  • Recirculation of water in the aquaculture industry (Fresh and Sea Water).
  • Reuse of water from food production process.
  • Reuse of water in the horticultural industry.
  • Reuse of water in greenhouses and hydroponic crops.