Wastewater Treatment

In order to comply with the laws and regulations for the protection of the environment.

In order to comply with laws and regulations for the protection of the environment, many wastewater facilities have adopted light (UV) as the most suitable treatment option compared to chemical disinfection.

The treatment of wastewater is a priority issue worldwide, since it is important to have this resource for reuse as irrigation, aquifer recovery or simply to reuse it in the same production processes, reducing water consumption and lowering the footprint. water of companies.

UV disinfection is a physical process that instantly neutralizes microorganisms as they pass through UV lamps. The process does not add anything to the water, and therefore has no impact on its chemical composition, and in turn ensures compliance with the increasingly strict discharge regulations. BioLight UV disinfection systems have been installed in many wastewater plants throughout its history.

The treated effluents are used in agricultural irrigation, ornamental irrigation, discharge to the environment. But the most interesting thing is the application of wastewater for reuse within the same companies in production processes, cooling water, pre-wash water and many other applications.